Letter: Debate needed over massive turbine

New wind turbine near Ilkeston
New wind turbine near Ilkeston

I was one of a few residents who protested against the plans for the wind turbine near Bennerley Viaduct — few, in my opinion, in the sense of people weren’t aware of the scale of it rather than few in the sense of people disapproving.

The Broxtowe Borough Council committee was tied at five votes in favour and five against.

The casting vote was from Cllr Steve Barber, the chairman, who lives in Beeston. He won’t see this, will he?

Aside from the fact it looks like something from War of the Worlds, none of the electricity will go to local residents, and the sheer size of it, how can it be that the county council said no to the application and yet they can be overruled by a borough council — what’s the story there?

A five-all tie is hardly a vote of confidence and have a look at the consultation which showed 9 in 10 local residents who took part (88%) were against it.

There’s a story here because I know people now who are saying to me and my wife how awful it is — I understand some didn’t know about the application as the company only had to legally consult those closest to the development.

How will it affect house prices? There’s another story there.

It’s literally the biggest thing to hit the area since Ikea. We need to stimulate a debate on it?

Paul Howard

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