Letter: Do we need traffic wardens?

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How can the council justify paying a traffic warden on Sundays?

My husband was recently affected by this because he parked on Bath Street on a Sunday to use a cash machine.

He was parked for seven minutes and received a parking ticket of £35. Admittedly Bath Street is for access only on a Sunday, but he was not causing an obstruction.

What we cannot understand is why they are needed, as there are very few shops open on a Sunday.

Also it’s not a place a lot of people would visit on a Sunday. In times when councils are supposed to be saving money, are they really needed?

This incident just adds to the list of reasons why we will not shop in the declining and depressed town of Ilkeston, not helped by parking charges. We are lucky in this area that there is lots of choices to be made when it comes to shopping instead of Ilkeston. We have recently visited Bulwell, where there is plenty of free parking, and if you do not have a car there are plenty of buses available to Derby and Nottingham and local retail parks close by.

Christine Thomas

Awsworth Lane, Cossall.