Letter: Dogs should be on a lead


I have read the letter about dogs swimming in the water at Straw’s Bridge and felt I must reply.
The area is a wonderful asset to Ilkeston, the lakes, walks, scenery tranquility and of course availability for us all.
I was there on Bank Holiday Monday and saw a lovely family with their dog but the dog was allowed to fly into the water with an enormous splash for the amusement of their small children. I immediately wondered could not the policy ‘all dogs on leads’ be implemented in the nature reserve area?
The wildlife and build-up of numbers of bird life is amazing and of great value to naturalists. bird watchers photographers and members of the public who just enjoy visiting the area to see the different species, some I have heard are quite rare.
I hope that the dog owners are aware of what is around them to enjoy, but just do not think.
Apart from the enormous reaction on the bird population breeding and bringing up chicks on the lake there is the possibility of the dogs picking up infections from blue algae and other things in the waters as the habitat is for birds, not dogs .
I hope this will make everyone aware of the risk to all wildlife as well as their dogs, who I am sure can find a place to swim away from this beautiful set of ponds which have been made to give us all pleasure .

Straw’s Bridge fan

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