LETTER: Free parking is crucial

Bath Street, Ilkeston
Bath Street, Ilkeston
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After watching the Inside Out programme on TV (a comparison between Ilkeston and Swanlincote), I felt the urge to write to my local paper. I felt that this programme showed everyone what a shambles Erewash Borough Council, in my view, have made of Ilkeston.

The interviewer tried to make contact with the council chief executive and our MP, Jessica Lee but it seems that they were unavailable to talk on camera about the demise of our town.

Swadlincote’s chief executive was proud to show off his town centre and he had every

reason to be full of pride!

He told the viewers that one of the key reasons that his town was thriving was because they had free parking.

We Ilkeston folk have a council that, in my opinion, does not listen to its residents .

It is time for change.

Wendy Pratic,

Norman Street, Ilkeston