Letter: Get Winston a brolly

The Winston wind turbine which is now turning
The Winston wind turbine which is now turning

After weeks of sporadic inactivity, Winston suddenly burst into life, happily waving his arms about during the Easter sunshine, but as soon as a drop of rain falls from the sky, he sulks, and refuses to wave, or work, until he gets dry again.

Have the Severn Trent water company bought the only wind turbine in the world that doesn’t like water?

It certainly seems that way, as I noticed in previous trials that Winston never moved in the rain, in fact, I have never seen him make a single rotation when it is raining.

Come on Severn Trent, you have stated that you expect Winston to be working 90% of the time, so get him an umbrella, or a waterproof coat, so he can get back to doing the work he was employed to do, which is to start cutting down on your electricity costs, and provide a more competitive service for your customers.

The only thing he seems to be generating at the moment is comments from local residents about his inactivity.

Gavin Gillespie