Letter: Gnome island

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Lovely idea for town

I just thought I would contact the ‘Tiser regarding Gnome Island, which I frequently pass on my way to work. 
I have loved the efforts of locals to bring a bit of fun and colour to the roundabout, despite the efforts of a few less publicly spirited individuals who have stooped to gnome napping. 
I wondered if the ‘Tiser could launch/ join in a campaign for some permanent statuary, (of a gnome or gnomes obviously) and if it would be possible to get Morrisons on board?
I do not Facebook but am told there is a Gnome Island Facebook group. 
I saw the picture in the Advertiser not long ago of ‘Ilsonites ‘dressed as gnomes. It does seem to have struck a chord with many and would be a truly local new landmark.

Pamela Skinner

by email