Letter: I got unfair ticket too

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With regard the the story about the parking fine after two visits to Aldi.

The company responsible for parking Aldi, also control parking outside Decathlon and Next Giltbrook Retail Park. I parked in the retail park, wandered around various shops, bought an item from Decathlon and went back to my car to find a parking ticket. Absolutely no reason for it but it said I hadn’t bought anything! For a start not everyone buys when they browse, and actually I had bought something.

When I tried to contact the company it’s impossible to speak to a person, nor can you contact by email. I knew I’d done nothing wrong, so sent a registered letter to them challenging my so-called fine, and they dropped the charges immediately.

I would advise the people involved to send photocopies of the different till receipts to prove that the car wasn’t parked there all day.

Glenis Spibey

Address supplied.