Letter: Left out in the rain

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On Saturday October 19 I took my family to Ilkeston fair. As we live in Stapleford we caught the number 15 bus from Mill Road to Ilkeston town centre.

This bus is supposed to run every 20 minutes and yet we stood for 40 minutes before it arrived!

We concluded that as it was the fair then the route must have been busier that normal. If it took us only half an hour to work this out then why did no-one at Trent Barton consider this might be the case and act accordingly?

We decided to return from Ilkeston on the 5.20pm bus in order to miss the rain that was forecast and I also wanted to ensure we were home on time to make sure my children, who are aged three and one, had had their tea and bath before their bedtime at 7pm.

We arrived at the bus stop at 5.10pm and waited and waited and waited!

The rain came and as there was no shelter provided, my children, my husband, my elderly mother and myself became drenched through to the skin, not to mention the other 30 or so people who also stood waiting.

Every other number bus that was running from the temporary stops came and went several times, but no number 15, therefore the delay could not have been due to traffic.

After standing for an hour and ten minutes with two very cold, wet, hungry, tired and upset children, and still no sign of a number 15, we decided that as we were unable to contact my brother (the only person I know with enough seats for us all and child seats), and unable to call a taxi due to having no child seats, the only option available was to walk! Have you any idea how difficult that is with two very young children and an elderly parent?

Having walked down on to Nottingham Road, passing the bus stop with shelter and yet another group of people all waiting for the number 15, we managed to get through to my brother who came to collect us. We eventually arrived home at 7.45pm!

To say I am absolutely disgusted with the service is an understatement. Whichever way we turn nowadays we are urged to use public transport.

I expect a full explanation as to why this was allowed to happen. It will certainly be a very long time before I consider using public transport again.

I await a response.

Kerry Bryant