LETTER: let’s be tough on death-crash drivers


Road safety charity Brake and bereaved families are looking for your backing as we call for tougher charges and penalties for drivers who kill and injure.

The aim is to provide desperately needed justice for victims’ families and deter risky driving.

Areport by Brake and Direct Line reveals overwhelming public support for the campaign with four in five thinking sentences should be higher for drivers who kill. Four in five also think if you kill or seriously injure someone when taking any kind of illegal risk at the wheel, you should be considered ‘dangerous’ not ‘careless’ in the eyes of the law.

Brake is calling for bold action to ensure drivers who inflict terrible suffering are brought to justice.

It wants revised charges for causing death and serious injury, so drivers who kill and cause serious injuries are not let off on lesser ‘careless’ driving charges, which carry low penalties. It also wants stiffer penalties for hit and run and disqualified killer drivers, along with stronger sentencing guidelines for judges so maximum sentences are handed out in the most serious cases.

Brake is urging members of the public to write to their MP in support of its Crackdown campaign.

Julie Townsend,

Deputy chief