LETTER: Let’s get behind tram campaign

07-2176-3  ''The Bulwell Forest Tram Stop
07-2176-3 ''The Bulwell Forest Tram Stop

As momentum gathers for the campaign to extend the tram to Kimberley, more people are beginning to see what an advantage it could be for our area.

Easy travel to areas like Hucknall, Bulwell, Basford, Beeston, Chilwell and Clifton, as well as important connections to the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) and Nottingham Station.

People in wheelchairs or mobility scooters have no problem accessing the modern, quiet tramcars.

One ticket lasts the whole day so it is possible to get on and off at different points of the system and then go out again in the evening, travelling home late if desired; and all for the price of one ticket.

As most of the proposed route is old railway track beds there would not be the disruption that Beeston and Chilwell are suffering.

Our streets will not need to be dug up, as it would be a relatively simple engineering project.

Let’ s get behind this proposal to create a modern transport system which will benefit us all as well as leaving a fantastic legacy to our children and grandchildren.

Jean Nunn,

Hardy Street, Kimberley.