Letter: Memories of the Peacock Inn

The Peacock, Cotmanhay
The Peacock, Cotmanhay

I was born (1933) about 200yds from the original and new Peacocks in Cotmanhay.

My dear father John William Hallam spent many hours in the original premises but never liked the new one. I never entered the new one either.

The old premises was run by a Norman Stanley and wife Rhoda, they had two sons John and Peter. My main memory was going into the front off licence room to drink lemonade and get dad’s bottles of Shipstones Nut Brown with a paper seal to stop children obtaining a “swig” before getting home.(we found a way around that).

At the end of WW2, on VE and VJ nights, celebrations usually finished with a lady singer leading community songs standing on the roof of the off-licence balcony. Digging down deep into my grey matter of a brain the name of Peggy Reid (singer) comes to mind.

My dear grandfather, also a patron of the original Peacock, did work for the owner of Peacock Colliery (located where Bellini’s is today.

Joseph Shorthose used to reside in what is now a Working Men’s Club on Church Street.

Back to the pub, the only relic of the original pub left is the electricity supply pole located at the Church Street end of Peacock Place. This in my boyhood days had an internal illuminated pub sign which was removed for the war (blackout). When they demolished the original pub a large hole appeared at the end of the premises thought at the time to be a well or Bell Pit. possibly filled in now.

All these memories keep flooding back in my old brain of the happy days of the Church Drive area. I just hope they build something to improve the area where the pubs stood. Hope my ramblings may be of interest to you.

Jack Hallam

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