Letter: No data to prove fracking is safe

Energy: A fracking site
Energy: A fracking site

You asked for comments to your news story with regard to fracking. Before I continue, in my opinion very few people understand or want to understand the detriment it will have on the enviroment, which includes myself. However enviroment is a broad term until I made the effort to find out what it means.

Doing a bit of research on the Internet I came across some shocking results, mainly coming from America and their experience of fracking and an action group set up to fight fracking, which supplies a fact sheet which I have no reason disbelieve or doubt given their long experience with regard to fracking. The document I downloaded has the heading ‘Ban Fracking’ and gives some idea as to what would happen and what we would experience, if we in this country allow it to take place.

My personal view is that it should not take place. The reason being is that there is no scientific data to prove that it is safe for plant, animal and human alike with the American experience alleging it to be unsafe.

Though the politicans may argue that it is good for the economy, I disagree. Why? Because it seems that the cost of production and the known experience by the Americans of it being a detriment to both economy and enviroment alike. I believe that in real terms, this is more to the point. And to describe it as being a cheap form of energy, that’s like saying it only rains on Mondays and no other day because we say so!

I think this is totally absurd given that I believe they have no scientific data to prove that it is safe, or economic data to prove that it is sound.

Or, if you like, this is akin to ignoring the stop sign and not touching the brakes, thinking that the stop sign doesn’t apply to you before going over the cliff edge. Forget the actual cost and think about the money which, in my opinion, sums up the real atitude of government.


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