Letter: Parking should be free all year

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I wish to comment on free parking again. You quoted me earlier this year!

We live within walking distance of Ilkeston, but if ever we wanted to purchase a larger amount of shopping, it would be nice to be able to park for free.

Shops are struggling and need support from the council, and free parking is the only way to go (all year round).

My husband was in Arnold and it was packed. The reason? Free parking, I think. We then went to Ilkeston which was fairly quiet considering it was the second to last shopping weekend before Christmas.

We love having a town centre so close by, and would hate to think that it could all close down and become desolate.

The council said that its pre-Christmas free parking initiative was a first. Not to my knowledge it isn’t!

I’ve taken advantage of it in the past when we lived in Awsworth!

Also, starting on December 16 is way too late!

Could you run a survey to present to the council regarding the future of free parking on a permanent basis?

Debbie Pickard

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