Letter: People were asked about turbine

New wind turbine near Ilkeston
New wind turbine near Ilkeston

With regard to the wind turbine that has just gone up in the area, everybody within the required area received letters telling them about it two years ago and they all had an opportunity to give their view.

What’s more, it is a beautiful piece of engineering.

The turbines are getting more efficient as the designs improve, and I look forward to it turning for many years to come.

We should be proud that we have got the biggest wind turbine in the country

To reiterate, people in the vicinity of the wind turbine received letters about two years ago and were asked for their opinions!

Secondly, if you moved to the area recently and didn’t know it was being built, blame your solicitors for not doing proper searches. Not the people that built it with the correct permissions.

Thirdly, I would rather have hundreds of wind turbines instead of the awful opencast mining which will soon be in the area. Fourthly, its proper name, given by the children of Awsworth Primary School, is ‘Windy Winston’ not Winston. Finally, I think it is a brilliant feat of engineering and looks wonderful (and I can see it from the rear of my house at all times).

Graham Spencer

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