Letter: Poppy appeal success

Ilkeston Remembrance day parade.
Ilkeston Remembrance day parade.

May I through the Advertiser pass on my sincere thanks to everyone involved in this year’s Poppy Appeal.

I would especially like to thank our MP, our Mayor, the Cadet Forces, those volunteers who distributed and collected in the poppies, Sue Dunkley at EBC, Ilkeston Rotary members, those volunteers who sold our poppies, the volunteers who counted all the money, staff at the NatWest bank for their help, and lastly, all the members of the public who purchased the poppy, a symbol of Remembrance.

If there is anyone I have missed, my apologies, but we thank you for your help.

This year’s Ilkeston poppy appeal has raised a staggering £32,700 so far, all of which will go to help our ex-service personnel.

My thanks again,

Malcolm G Jarvis

Poppy Appeal Organiser,

Ilkeston branch