Letter: Post Office move will create issues

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I write to you about the proposed move of Cotmanhay’s local community post office from Ash Street to the One Stop store in Charlotte Street Ilkeston from November this year.

Issues I have with this are this store has been robbed a number of times since it was first opened and, by moving the post office it removes a personal community facility that has been with us for years.
I fear that by not having a local post office, not one just placed in a store, it removes a good local community hub that serves more than just a shop. 
How people will be able to park at school times is another major issue. Cars park both sides of the road at these times and the small car park is always full. Elderly people would also struggle I feel with people in the store at peak times.
Cotmanhay is losing more of its identity with many closures in the area and I feel even by moving the post office a short distance it is moving more people away from going into Cotmanhay.
It has been a wonderful post office run by a lovely family committed to helping the area in more ways than just working behind the counter and they have helped many local people and families. Good luck to them and we wish them all the best.
I hope that in the future we can try and keep some local stores because at the moment Cotmanhay is struggling and needs to be looked at.
 John Allen Jervis Court, Ilkeston