LETTER: Shame on man who mowed down ducks in Stanton-by-Dale

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Please could you publish an article thanking a middle-aged male who was driving a small white van at speed on April 26 at around 9.15am/9.30am through Stanton by Dale by the pond, ploughing through a little duck family who were just trying to cross the road, severely injuring the mother duck who died some minutes later.

Drivers in the opposite direction had already stopped having seen what was happening. Fortunately, the ducklings scattered and were not injured.

I and about four other drivers witnessed this extremely upsetting scene.

I hope he sleeps easy knowing some poor little ducklings are now without their mother. Shame on you. I was so upset witnessing this scene especially as I gently removed the mother duck to the kerbside, I felt I had to write to you.

Judith Bostock

By email