Letter: Shipley View needs buses

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I am writing to give my view on the new bus service running once again between Cotmanhay and Kirk Hallam. That is four different buses that now go to Cotmanhay, now the Y3 also decides to follow suit. What about Heanor Road and Shipley View?

We’ve got Notts and Derby, two buses that come within five minutes of each otherand one which is an old double decker with a number plate from thirty years ago. It is filthy, it smells and is used as the school bus. It never looks as if it has been cleaned, it’s a disgrace. Sometimes the bell doesn’t even work and the doors don’t open properly. Only last week a side door flew open at the back and was only kept closed by sticky tape. It was very dangerous for passengers, in my view.

Why can’t Trent Barton or this new bus service run a bus for the people at this end of town as well? We seem to be the forgotten estate.

Mrs Johnston

Shipley View