Letter: So many positive things in Ilkeston

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There has been quite a lot of publicity and talk this week in connection with a remark made by Cllr Glennice Birkin at the Ilkeston Community Forum when she stated that ‘Ilkeston is dead’.

I took her to task about this remark, and although I know Glennice lives in Ilkeston and loves Ilkeston, by making remarks such as this helps nobody.

There are so many positive things happening in Ilkeston and I believe we should be ‘talking up’ Ilkeston, we need to be positive, we have many thriving businesses in Ilkeston, quite a few new businesses setting up and the last thing they need is for possible customers being told Ilkeston is dead

Several of the local Labour councillors have made similar derogatory remarks but we need to attract people to Ilkeston, not turn them off. I believe the free hour of car parking has encouraged more people into the town (341,000 extra tickets from January until end of May) and hopefully when they see what is on offer they will return. The town looks inviting with the floral displays, the market is thriving, more people about now that the new college is building up the numbers of students and staff. It is good news about the Co-op store, hopefully seven new units and 60 apartments, again this would increase footfall and people using local shops, bars and restaurants and now a good possibility of a hotel in the centre of Ilkeston. There is more employment and more people staying over and spending money in the town.

We can all find problems and things that could be better but rather than putting a negative slant on things lets be positive.

Cllr Carol Hart

Deputy Leader,

Erewash Borough Council