Letter: Station plan is on track


I read with interest the letter in the newspaper about funding for Ilkeston Station.
The delays to the project are nothing to do with the budget cuts the council is facing. We have allocated £1.7 million to this project and this money is not threatened. It is a large and complicated engineering project and unfortunately issues have arisen that couldn’t have been foreseen. We’ve been working hard on bringing a station to Ilkeston for many years. 
The project has been in our plans since 2001 and since 2008 we’ve been in discussion with ministers at the Department for Transport and have worked closely with other supporters of the station.
Without the hard work of officers at the county council there would be no realistic prospect of a station for Ilkeston.
I’d like to reassure local people that we are doing all we can to get the town a railway station as quickly as possible.

Cllr Andy Botham,

Derbyshire County Council