Letter: System is not fair


One prolific offender has reportedly been cautioned 50 times by Northumbria Police for dozens of crimes committed during a 12=year period, the details of which the police will not reveal.

Surrey force also says it has handed a career thief 43 cautions! No permanent records are kept of the crimes so the offenders apparently get off scot free after all this deliberate criminality.

Meanwhile after 45 years of careful driving, I recently accidentally allowed my speed to rise to 37 mph in a 30 zone and was caught by a mobile ‘safety’ camera unit probably on a downslope, and have to pay £92 to keep my licence clean (by opting for a ‘speed awareness’ course).

My point is — if dozens of deliberate criminal acts by known regular offenders results in zero punishment, why should just ONE accidental transgression by another result in quite severe punishment?

The law should be fair but seems far from it.

Name and address supplied