LETTER: The Big Kirk Hallam project is amazing

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Following the recent presentation on what has been happening at the Big Kirk Hallam, I just have to write and share my message of thanks to everyone at the Big Kirk Hallam-for making it happen!

Where do I start? The Big Kirk Hallam has surpassed my high expectations.

The ‘get on with it’ attitude that has brought an even stronger bond to residents who are making things happen. They have the drive to deliver and share the vision of a better community where young people are being heard and listened to and the older generation’s knowledge and input is being respected and activated.

From the camp out events with the primary schools working in amazing partnerships to serve the families together with the students, to the collaborative work with individual local artists and the local councils, the wide ranging activities, services and benefits are too many for me to mention here.

I am astounded at the many different ongoing projects and future plans that have been agreed by the Big kirk Hallam committee and the excellent consultation process that has sought the ideas, aims and wishes of local folk at every juncture. For this and all the hard work, commitment, voluntary hours, tenacity and drive that has caused all this to happen, I want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has been involved with this ten-year project to date. It is just amazing.

Kirk Hallam folk have constantly come forward and volunteered to steer a project or organise an event.

It was evidence of this community spirit that won the folk of Kirk Hallam this £1 million funding in the first place. How very proper it was that Kirk Hallam was chosen and was granted this bid of monies. It is being spent wisely by the people, for the people.

I recall being asked if Kirk Hallam could spend £1 million. My answer was ’why yes, we could spend £2 million, given the chance’.

Kirk Hallam has been given this chance and is taking this opportunity to make eve-lasting changes and memories so valuable they don’t have a price. Again, everyone who is involved, is party to these improvements, a massive thankyou and well done.

Coun Michelle Booth

By email