Letter: Things are on the up for golf course

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Anyone who has played a round at Pewit Golf Course this summer cannot fail to have noticed how much better the whole place has become.

From the standard of the greens to the organisation of the ticket office, the course is on the up.

This fact has been noted by captains of visiting teams at matches this summer who have said they have never known the course to be in such good condition.

This is a tribute to the council’s Andy Ward and his team of ground staff, who are responsible for the course maintenance, as well as Alex Martin, who runs the ticket office with a mix of geniality, clarity and firmness.

In the well-manicured world of golf, the role played by municipal courses is often forgotten.

They are not easy places to run - the space being shared with dog walkers, commuting school children and now footgolfers. But they provide a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to try out the sport for very little expenditure, as well as great value for those who want to enjoy the benefits of golf club membership (an official handicap, weekly competitions in a friendly setting) without the expense.

For once it should be said that the council is doing a good job, making Ilkeston the envy of many places who have long since lost their public golfing spaces to the developers.

Geoff Taylor,

Secretary, Ilkeston Borough Golf Club