Letter: Time to unite to help town prosper


I have noticed more and more that Ilkeston comes in for unfair criticism and in particular certain areas of the borough.
I am involved as vice-chairman of Action 4 Cotmanhay and found it sad last week of the case on Charlotte Street that people put on Twitter ‘that’s what you expect with living in Cotmanhay’.
Many local groups in the area are doing good work within their own communities and helping to change a lot of negative ideas .
My idea to help with the many things that are wrong in not only our areas is to bring the groups together for meetings to try and map out a way forward ...It would be great if in some way the Advertiser could help with this.
I know a couple of years ago you did articles on our local communities and it helped.
If in some way you could try and set up a meeting with some local groups and share ideas into problems we have it might just help no matter how small to start with .
any problems will never be changed but I feel if we try in a bigger way with shared information from each other we might be able to go forward with it ...thanks .

John Allen