Letter: United front on stranger danger

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I watched on with great interest from the public gallery at a meeting of Erewash Borough Council at Long Eaton Town Hall on Thursday, October 10.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amicable behaviour of councillors on both sides of the chamber as in recent letters I have commented on the antics of some members.

It was extremely refreshing to see members from both sides of the chamber working together in the interests of the good people of Erewash.

I am going to extend the good will by unusually applauding the sentiment behind the motion put to full council by Cllr Mrs Pigeon. The issue of stranger danger is truly alarming and needs to be at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

In principle I think that the idea of producing clear signage around play areas to warn of the dangers of talking to and leaving with people that children do not know is a good idea, of course it is.

However, obviously we need to look at the costing and practicality of just where and in what format these signs should be.

This links in perfectly with my campaign to upgrade a play area in the district.

I share the council’s vision of creating a safer, happier and healthier place for the future generations of Erewash residents.

Other play areas, parks and green spaces in the local area have been upgraded and improved while the one I am campaigning for improvements to has been left looking and feeling dated and unloved.

Erewash Borough Council continues to win awards for its floral displays and for the cleanliness of the larger towns and we heard at the meeting that the Mayor had raised the Green Flag in Victoria Park for the third year in a row.

As a resident of Erewash and as a former candidate in the borough, of course I am immensely proud of these achievements.

But we have a duty to make this borough a safer, happier and healthier place for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I fully back the stranger danger campaign.

Richard Harris