Letter: Van is great idea

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Straw’s Bridge, aka Swan Lake in Ilkeston, is one of the local beauty spots that I visit as often as possible…usually daily. 
The brilliant innovation of having a mobile ‘burger’ van on site has to be applauded. 
Like many others, after completing a walk in this beautiful area, I usually leave straight away as sitting in a hot car to continue enjoying the scenery is not an option.
 I can instead now have a nice cup of tea and sit in the shade of nearby trees – and there are usually fellow walkers doing the same.
 What could be better…. (social aspect as well)?
However, I understand someone has complained …a burger van …oh wow ! How awful is that?
 OK, I respect another person’s point of view of course but to counter the person’s points, I would like to say that the van is situated at the far end of the car park and as such is very unobtrusive. 
As for litter…none, as bins provided. The only litter problem at Straw’s Bridge is the perennial one of folk discarding empty bread bags after feeding the ducks etc, even though Derbyshire County Council do es provide bins.
So, three cheers to Derbyshire County Council for showing some initiative by allowing this much needed service.
I was there again recently and encountered folk enjoying the scenery while having a sit down and a welcome drink. Good luck to the owners of this much needed unit who, incidentally, are most pleasant and welcoming.

Straw’s Bridge fan,

Name and address supplied.