Letter: We are distressed about phone mast

Phone mast in Ilkeston
Phone mast in Ilkeston

I contacted Jessica Lee MP on November 24 with regard to a 50ft high phone mast which was erected a few days ago, off Field Road in Ilkeston.

We have been advised that the mast is temporary and that no planning permission was required before it was put into position. No one approached the residents of Field Road before the mast was put up but I understand that trees which were protected by a preservation order have been destroyed to allow the signals from the mast to pass without interruption.

The mast is less than 10 feet from my neighbour’s front garden boundary and 20 feet from my own front door. The mast emits a humming noise, we are told that soundproof barriers will be erected on December 16...how temporary does this mast’s position seem?

The mast is powered by diesel which I can smell when I open my front door. The smell hangs in the air. It cannot be healthy for us to be breathing in these fumes.

I have been given to understand that Derby College are responsible for the land that the mast stands on. They have an agreement to house a phone mast. The existing one, on the roof of the old college, will cease to operate when the college buildings are demolished.

We weren’t consulted about the position of the old, existing mast but it is quite a bit further away from our homes.

Morrisons will take over responsibility for the college site in the New Year but they do not wish to provide a site for the phone mast so, we are informed, it must be placed on a narrow strip of land which will continue to be owned by Derby College.

My neighbours and I are extremely distressed about this mast and have asked Miss Lee to look into the matter.

We are a small street of only 13 houses. The impact of the new Morrisons supermarket and of this phone mast, on us, is immense and yet we feel we are not afforded any consideration in these matters.

We are expected to put up with changes to the environment in which we live without complaint, and to accept the deterioration in the value of our homes and the possible impact on our health.

How would other residents of the town feel if this was happening next door to them?

Be warned, we have no choice when such things are decided by planners who live out of town.

A concerned resident

Field Road