LETTER: We must do more

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As last week’s Advertiser showed us, whilst the overall unemployment picture is good news for Erewash, there are still places in Ilkeston, all of which are controlled by Labour councillors, where we need to do more to address an historic problem.

Under the previous Government, welfare spending spiralled out of control, with many people better off living a life on benefits rather than actually going out to work. This system was unsustainable, as well as unfair, and is why today, in my view, a welfare cap exists to ensure that support continues to be provided to those genuinely in need, whilst guaranteeing that the costs of welfare is contained. Our current Erewash MP, Jessica Lee, has done a huge amount in just over four years to help boost employment and support local people. The new train station, which is about to begin construction, and the annual Erewash Jobs Fair are just two example of schemes which contribute to helping people back into work, and keeping unemployment down.

Now I want to secure Erewash’s future and ensure that local people, whatever their age, continue to get access to the help and support they need to return to employment, whether through training, apprenticeships or just some good sound advice.

Over the coming months I will be working with local councillors to develop my vision for Erewash.

As part of this I want to tackle this historic issue of unemployment in certain parts of Ilkeston head on, find out why the problem exists and what I can best do to help. If anyone would like to speak to me about this issue or about anything else please feel free to contact me either by email maggie@maggiethroup.com or by phone on 07919 687 556.

Maggie Throup

Conservative Parliamentary candidate for the

Erewash constituency