Letter: we need clarity on Duke’s rights

NILA-LC-100420C4 - Victoria park Ilkeston. r David Manners 11th Duke of Rutland
NILA-LC-100420C4 - Victoria park Ilkeston. r David Manners 11th Duke of Rutland
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I am one of the many Ilkeston residents who have received a unilateral notice from the Land Registry. I have kept up to date with the Ilkeston Advertiser reports on the Duke of Rutland and his intentions, and had applied to have the notice cancelled.

As the date which the Duke had to object to the notice being cancelled had been and gone, I decided to ring the Land Registry.

I was informed that the Duke of Rutland had objected to the cancelling of the notice and whilst the Land Registry were helpful, the information they could give me was limited. They did tell me that they had a lot of letters to send out with documentation which would further explain the Duke’s position but also explained that the notice would now be seen as in dispute it would take some time to sort out.

I was surprised to hear that the Duke had objected to the cancellation of the notice as the articles I have seen in the Advertiser strongly suggested this would not be the case. I am sure I am not the only Ilkeston resident which will also be left in this state of limbo, whilst I have no intention of moving this has made it almost impossible for me to change my current mortgage and no one seems to know anything about how the notices and the objections progress and what this actually means for homeowners.

I am concerned that I will now need to take legal advice which will cost money and would welcome any constructive advice. As this affects so many Ilkeston and Erewash residents it would be useful for someone to research the way forward for us and offer advice if possible.

Joanne Thornhill,