Letter: Wind turbine is monstrosity

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I’ve lived in Cotmanhay all my life (I’m 66 years old) and have always enjoyed views of the surrounding countryside from where I live.

Now, with the recent erection of the huge wind turbine, all that has changed. It is so big it dwarfs everything around it and looks like something out of War Of The Worlds — and that is before the turbine blades have been fitted and it finally erupts into life and we have the noise to contend with.

In my view it is simply a monstrous blot on the landscape and one I vehemently object to in the strongest manner.

I realise progress must be made and this may involve sacrifices, and if it meant cheaper electric for everyone closest to the monstrosity I suppose that might soften the blow. But it won’t of course.

Having vented my spleen (so to speak) I have one last comment: are any other parts of town going to have one of these turbines in their back garden?

Answers on a postcard.

David Windmill