LETTERS: Don’t tar all old drivers with the same brush

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I can only give the family of Michael Luciw (vehicle passenger who died in a crash after elderly driver came down the M1 the wrong way) my deepest sympathy for the family’s terrible loss.

But to tar all old drivers with same brush, no.

I was going up Chalons Way last week at 38mph and I saw two young lads in a car. I know the car was green as they were going so fast they were just a blur.

I would have put their speed at at least 75mph and going up hill at that. Good God, if they had hit a cyclist they would still be looking for him.

No, fair’s fair, if it’s a test for old it’s a test for young.

But I agree in this case this driver should not have been on the road, nor should those two young lads.

I can remember about eight or nine years back when a car driven by a young man overturned and killed all four occupants in the car.

I think on that occasion the reason was they were going too fast, all aged under 26, case closed.

Will we never stop learning.


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