LETTERS: End for food kiosk at Straw’s Bridge

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At last we have the decision regarding the food kiosk at Straw’s Bridge Nature Reserve in Ilkeston.

To recap, Erewash Borough Council (EBC) performed a survey way back in April.

Among the many questions asked was one concerning the catering facility at the reserve.

As EBC instigated the survey they could not, of course, influence the outcome. They had to come to a decision as a result of the data presented. Many folk were really looking forward to the facility being restarted – myself included — on the basis of the facility being highly valued and a brilliant way of meeting fellow walkers, birdwatchers, cyclist etc. A hot drink on a cold day is most welcome. The Friends of Straw’s Bridge were vehemently against the reinstatement of this kiosk. Now, being a democracy, myself and others accept that there is another point of view. I take issue though with the way the friends conducted the campaign in opposition to the facility. That, sadly, tells me and others, a lot about the “friends” and does a disservice to those of the group who do a brilliant job with their volunteer work.

At long last the decision (among other matters resulting from the extensive survey) has been made and a catering facility will not happen. It does seem though that if EBC or the friends hold an event, then a kiosk will be possible…really. EBC gets my vote because, as I mentioned, it had to remain very professional, of course, and impartial. I wish the owners of the kiosk that provided such a brilliant service last winter the very best of luck for the future. On a personal note, as a result of the kiosk being in situ I had the opportunity to meet some really interesting folk with shared interests. Friendships have evolved, so again, many thanks to Karen and Rob.

-Supporter of Straw’s Bridge