LETTERS: Have we been asked if we want refugees?

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Regarding a petition started in Ilkeston to help Syrian refugees.

“Derbyshire County Council Leader Anne Western says the county would again be willing to act as a reception centre for refugees as it did during the Kosovan crisis in 1999.”

Has she actually asked the county if we would be willing to act as a reception centre for refugees? NO, she hasn’t, she won’t ask because she knows, in my opinion, there would be a majority against it.

I live in the county and no-one asked me, if I am asked, the answer will be NO. They are not our problem.

The working man earns a living and pays his taxes for the sole purpose of self preservation, not for the Government to squander it on a load of refugees and not for handouts to anybody that just tuns up on our shores.

We have all on paying for the benefit cheats.

Why are we expected to take care of the whole world?

If there’s a migrant situation don’t worry we’ll have some, refugees, not a problem mate send some here. If there’s a disaster somewhere send them a load of cash to get it sorted.

Africa needs drinking water, lets bung them a few million quid.

While I can sympathise with some of these situations, I don’t feel it’s our responsibility to put the world right and take in every waif and stray.

We keep hearing about the UK being in debt, but every time there’s a disaster or something happens in any part of the world, except the UK of course, the Government seems to find money to throw at it.

Britain has got its fair share of jobless and homeless, so where are you going to put another 20,000 people and where are they going to work?

I know, give them free housing and a pile of money every week so they can save up and apply for a British passport, then they can stay here forever.

If there’s four refugees in each family you’ll have 5,000 families, if it costs £300 per week to keep one family then it will cost £1.5 million a week to keep all 5,000 families.

If the Government can find £78 million a year to keep refugees why couldn’t they find it to put towards the pensioners’ winter fuel allowance?

Instead of trying to sort out every other country’s problems, we should concentrate on sorting out our own.

Before the last election, all the parties had their own ideas about how they were going to control immigration, now they are saying open the doors and let every man and his dog in.

Going back to Anne Western’s statement about the Kosovan crisis.

When the Kosovo war eventually ended in June 1999, were all the Kosovans repatriated?

I’m sure we all know the answer to that question and you can be sure the same will happen again this time round with all these new refugees.

If everyone in Britain moved to Syria and we rebuilt the country, and we set up the same systems we have here ie tax, NHS, social security, you can guarantee all the Syrians would want to go back to Syria. I’m just saying.

Mick Bolstridge

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