LETTERS: I took action after devastating news

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In response to the Green Party letter published in the ‘Tiser last week.

As the majority of Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy (OIEA) year-12 students and their parents know, I took immediate action when I heard the devastating news about the sixth form changes.

I immediately called an urgent meeting with the principal of the academy and members of the Ormiston Academies Trust executive which took place the day after the announcement.

I have also discussed the issue with the Education Secretary in person and had an in-depth meeting with the minister with responsibility for academies and funding.

As a result of these meetings, the school has agreed to provide year-13 courses for those year 12 students who cannot find the equivalent courses at other sixth form providers. I have also been able to confirm that funding will follow the student, ensuring the current funds allocated to other local sixth form providers will not be diluted by lack of funding for the students moving from OIEA to new schools and colleges.

I also believe that no student should be disadvantaged in any way due to these changes, not just academically, but financially too. I have therefore asked OIEA to look at ways of providing charitable funding for some students.

Last Saturday I opened my surgery to parents and students affected by the changes in order to provide a forum for further concerns to be expressed. As a result I will be having further meetings with key people at OIEA. I want to reassure Ilkeston residents that I will continually hold the academy and its trust to account over the coming months and, if necessary, years to ensure only the best possible outcome for our young people and their futures.

Maggie Throup MP

MP for Erewash