LETTERS: Ilkeston bin lorries are refusing to take our rubbish

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I wrote a few months back asking if you could do a write-up on the council not collecting our rubbish, and now it is happening again.

They have been to the top of Byron Street but have not collected from the new-build house on the left hand side.

We are having foxes make a mess, I can’t cut the lawn because I have no here to dispose of the waste.

We cannot recycle due to the fact that when they do make an appearance they will have to take the whole lot.

They have been up with a smaller bin lorry before but refuse to use it.

I have been in touch with the council and they say they can’t ring the office because it is not a missed bin.

I pay my council tax and feel as though I’m paying for something that’s not being


I’m sure if I refused to pay every time they missed they would soon be on my case.

The whole street is in the same situation and it’s not fair on families with children having to play around the mess.

Leon Dean

Byron Street,