LETTERS: Memories of the Charter Fair

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Jackson’s chippie in Ilkeston, established in 1961, would like to thank the customers who came in to the shop to reminisce about the old times and to show us photographs of the people mentioned in the Advertiser two weeks ago.

October 21 is the start of this year’s Charter Fair week but I can still remember our very first one 54 years ago.

In those days the weather always seemed to be exceptionally cold, which was good for chip shops.

The fair used to open on a Thursday and stay until Monday, which made it a longer running event than today’s fair.

Monday was classed as a charity event when donations were readily given.

Margaret and I lived above the shop in those days, 39 Market Street, and it was always exciting to see the showmen with their wagons pulling into Robey’s Yard for a long stay accommodation throughout the winter.

It was also a good time for them to do running repairs on equipment and repainting jobs, not a lot of fibre-glass about then.

I can also remember Percy Toplis giving me advice on how to help the showmen out, with their televisions, so Roger Hunt, my next door neighbour, another butcher, and Body and Ellis the greengrocers along with Eddy Horton, the newsagent, and Tom at the beer-off further up the street, all combined to put a little light on the scene.

It has all changed now, with spectacular lighting and colourful machinery whizzing round and round, not to mention the music.

The youngsters must love every minute of it.

So if the weather changes to very, very cold, don’t forget we are still on Market Street with steaming hot crispy chips. See ya there.

Dennis Jackson

Jackson’s Chippy,

Market Street,