LETTERS: Stop using hospital as a park and ride

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The long awaited car park is being built at Ilkeston Hospital.

I guess now it will not be a problem trying to find a space.

At the moment it is being used as a park and ride, I think it is disgraceful this is happening as people every day try to find a space.

I have been to the hospital a few times and have seen people park up and get on to a bus to Derby. When I go to the hospital in my car I never find a space, I can spend a long time to no avail that I just give up and lose my appointment.

I do have a suggestion that could help the situation by having a barcode label printed on the appointment letter to park your car.

The hospital would have to put a barrier at entering the hospital car park, no appointment letter, NO parking.

I hope this park and ride problem could be stopped and we would be happy to come to hospital with out the hassle of parking.


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