LETTERS: Straw’s Bridge caterers have been very dignified

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Jeff Lynch, as chairman of the Friends of Straw’s Bridge responded to my earlier comments regarding the catering facility at Straw’s Bridge.

I have the greatest of respect for Mr Lynch and his right to reply.

That Mr Lynch chooses to concentrate on my identity instead of accepting and addressing issues raised, is disappointing to say the least.

Other visitors to Straw’s Bridge were, like me dismayed to hear the verbal condemnation of the kiosk and proprietors however, I can only speak for myself.

I reserve the right to anonymity in my comments simply because I don’t represent others, whereas the damning comments made about the food kiosk and the proprietors were openly made by members of the Friends of Straw’s Bridge.

These comments remains, in my humble opinion totally unacceptable and does, I repeat a disservice to the group as a whole.

It is worth noting that during the time the kiosk was in situ, EBC officials made regular visits and checks. On each occasion these officials confirmed that they, the proprietors complied with health and safety regulations. The kiosk and surrounding area was kept to a very high standard.

Had there been any issue at all, EBC would, of course ordered a cessation in trading. Myself and other interest parties are aware of the contents and decisions resulting from the consultation procedure.

Although the survey was only part of the consultation procedure, it is interesting to note that the vast majority of respondents voted in favour of having a catering facility, over 70 per cent in fact.

Just an observation of course, ‘statistics…” and all that… Meanwhile, the proprietors of the kiosk, who were well aware of the hostile criticism during their time at Straw’s Bridge have maintained a professional and dignified silence.

A lesson to us all perhaps.


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