LETTERS: What is the crack with railway station in Ilkeston?

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Okay, what is the crack with Erewash Borough Council regarding this invisible railway station in Ilkeston?

I guess this must be the biggest mistake in the history of this town, a lot of the community of Ilkeston do not want the station and would rather have the money spent on investment in the town and new businesses.

One thing I would like to see in this town is a bus station in the centre of Ilkeston and not on a main road where it gets so congested.

Why not spend on a bus station and not a railway station? People will not commute to and from the station and so we think it is a big waste of money. One idea for a bus station would be at the back of the old Woolworths shop and the closed Salvation Army place and probably part of the car park.

Peter Bolton

By email