LETTERS: Wildlife at risk on Bonfire Night

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Bonfire Night is a bad time for local wildlife, much of which is busy getting ready with the yearly task of finding enough food and shelter for the winter ahead.

Particularly at risk are the increasingly rare hedgehogs but there are plenty of other animals at risk at this time of year.

Frogs, toads, newts, foxes, cats and birds who see that interesting log pile you have built over the last few days or weeks as a warm and comfy home to so many of


There are a number of things you can do to help protect wildlife and their homes ahead of Bonfire Night.

Do not put plastic coated furniture on your bonfire as this can give off harmful, toxic fumes.

Keep your cats inside on Bonfire Night especially after dark.

You really should try and bring in small, furry pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and the like.

Once they are safely inside keep windows shut and curtains closed to protect them from the shock of the sound of fireworks.

Before lighting the bonfire use a torch and a broom handle to check the area thoroughly and make sure you have had no last minute visitors.

If you find anything lurking then make sure you shift it.

Hedgehogs can be handled but make sure you wear gloves and move them to a safe place under a tree or shrub.

On the morning after make the most of the leftovers that haven’t burnt and make a purpose-built wildlife den in a secluded part of your garden.

You don’t need much space at all but if you can build it against a fence, under a tree and close to a water source all the better.

Granville V. Stone