Life without son is the hardest thing

Firstly, having bought last week’s Advertiser as we had placed a notice in the birthday memories for our son, Sam Stopforth, we were absolutely devastated to read that there has been another incident at the Bennerley Viaduct (Sam fell to his death from the landmark viaduct last October).

We would like to send our very good wishes to the family of the lady who was injured and wish her a speedy recovery.

Having to live with the loss of our son is the hardest thing to do. When Sam passed away the one thing everyone said was that this should not happen to anyone else.

Both my wife and I have attended the viaduct on a couple of occasions and have been surprised how easy it was to gain access to the viaduct.

We also understand that the viaduct has been there for a long time and it is a local landmark. We feel that it is time to prohibit public access, either by fencing or gates.

My wife and I would back any campaign to achieve this.

We have to cope with the grief of losing our son. We don’t want anyone else to go through the pain we did.

Adrian and

Jane Stopforth,

Address supplied.