Litter in sights of the ‘Borough Blitz’

Erewash borough blitz
Erewash borough blitz

This weekend marks the beginning of Erewash Borough Council’s annual ‘Borough Blitz’ — a month-long crackdown on litter and vandalism in Ilkeston and the wider area.

Reporter NADYA AHMED spoke to Pride of Erewash Co-ordinator, Richard Windsor, and Cllr Michael Wallis, portfolio holder for Pride in Erewash at the borough council, about their roles in the project.

“Our main focus is on young people, they are the parents of the future,” said Richard.

“We want to create awareness about littering, dog-poo, graffiti, and encourage taking ownership.”

The co-ordinator has been a part of the project since it first began in 2007 and is keen to promote its success. The month long ‘Blitz’ will see Erewash schoolchildren getting involved in litter picks, alongside community projects around Erewash set up by people of all ages.

“Neighbourhood wardens and PCSO’s accompany myself to the schools, it’s all great fun with question and answer sessions,” added Richard.

“They get really excited when we start litter picking at a local park, it’s a real sense of achievement for them.

“This year we have five community litter picks scheduled for Saturdays so those who work are also able to come along.”

Councillor Wallis, said: “Every year we are bowled over by the enthusiasm of Erewash residents who are determined to pick up the litter grabbers and spring into action.

“We are incredibly lucky to have so much on our doorstep and our residents appreciate that by keeping it clean.”

He added: “We are only adding to the great work of our street cleaning team”

Richard explained: “It’s not just a month long clean, if people have an idea for a project or want to get involved during any time of the year all they have to do is get in touch.”