Little Lillie’s two year ordeal is over

Cotmanhay family get all clear from rare leukaemia, 3year old Lillie Cumberlidge and mum Amy Clifton
Cotmanhay family get all clear from rare leukaemia, 3year old Lillie Cumberlidge and mum Amy Clifton

BRAVE Cotmanhay toddler Lillie Cumberlidge has finally been given the all clear by doctors – two-and-a-half years after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Mum Amy Clifton and dad Mick Cumberlidge breathed a sigh of relief this week after the three-year-old was told her treatment is over.

“It’s brilliant news,” said Amy, 30. “We’ve waited a very long time for this so we’re all feeling really good.”

She said Lillie’s brother Jack, 13, and sister Skye, 8, are really pleased at the news too.

But she said it is taking some getting used to for Lille.

“She keeps asking me, ‘Is it time to take my medicine, mummy?’, and I say, ‘No you don’t have to any more’.”

The disease was spotted in 2008, a few days after her first birthday, when tiny marks on her skin were noticed that turned out to be the first signs of acute promyelocytic leukaemia.

Soon after being brought to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, Lillie’s breathing became laboured and she had to spend two weeks in the paediatric intensive care unit on a ventilator .

Specialists diagnosed Lillie with the disease, which is so rare it is only seen about once every four years at the hospital.

Soon after, Amy and Mick managed to raise £1,600 for the paediatric intensive care unit at the hospital, which helped her through those first critical days.

This was the start of a fundraising campaign that has seen thousands raised by the generous pair through special events

Good causes – including cancer charity Clic Sargent, which helped Lillie through her treatment – have benefited from the Turn Oak Avenue family’s work.

And now Lillie is better, the fundraising shows no sign of stopping – the next event will be at Kirk Hallam Social Club on March 5 when cash will be raised via a raffle and sponsored male wax.

Lillie’s uncle Pete Cumberlidge and family friend Simon Pickford have stepped up to have their hair torn off for charity on the night but Amy said she needs two more plucky contestants.

If you are man enough to volunteer, or if you have anything to donate to the raffle, call Amy on 07530974240 or call in at her work at the Charter Pub in South Street.