Local author releases book

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An author has released her first book after being made redundant from her job made her start writing.

Jenny Melbourne wrote her first novel Ghostly Persuasion, The Beginning, after losing her job as a transport clerk.

She said: “Finding something to do with my time was of great importance as I am not one for sitting doing nothing.

“I used to write short stories for the girls at school so I thought I would try my hand at writing.

“I’ve had poetry published in a few anthologies but I wanted more.”

Since finishing work Jenny has also retraiend as a spiritual healer trainer, a job that inspired her when coming up with an idea for a new book.

She explains: “It is a novel about a young girl who spends most of her life alone because of her father’s work commitments and her mother died when she was only eleven.”

The book will be avalable on Amazon soon.