Local author releases second book


A local woman who took up writing as a career after being made redundant from her job has had her second novel published.

Jenny Melbourne has recently released her book ‘The Mists of Passing’, which is the follow-up to her first novel ‘Ghostly Persuasion’.

Her first book, which was published last year, was a story about Ashley, a young girl, who spent most of her life alone due to the death of her mother and the work commitments of her father.

Jenny, who was a transport clerk prior to starting her writing career, said that both her books are avaliable to buy on Amazon, with the first being avaliable at Ilkeston Library.

She added: “The second book takes you through Ashley’s life from about 25 years old to when she retires.

“The last in the trilogy is being worked on and will take you to when she dies.”

After the release of her first book, Jenny said that she had to find something to do with her time after losing her job as she is not one to sit around doing nothing. This led to her starting to write her first novel.