Long Eaton woman overdoses and dies after argument

A woman died from an accidental overdose after an argument with her husband, an inquest heard.

Evelyn Swain, of Stanley Street, Long Eaton died aged 28 in the early hours of Thursday September 4, following a day-long drinking session with friend Janine Clements.

Mrs Swain, who had been on anti-depressants and had attempted suicide in 2007, was found dead in bed at Mrs Clements's home in Trafalgar Terrace, Long Eaton, the following morning, having taken methadone belonging to Mrs Clements's husband, Jeff, which she had probably never taken before.

Dr David Semararo, pathologist at Derby Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "There were three factors in her death: the near-fatal level of alcohol, the level of methadone and the fact she had not been used to methadone."

Mrs Swain's blood alcohol level was three to four times the legal driving limit, while her urine alcohol level was even higher, suggesting it may have peaked earlier in the evening.

Mrs Clements said that Mrs Swain had come to her house with a large bottle of sparkling wine at about 1pm after an argument with her husband, Keith.

The pair continued to drink about one bottle an hour, with Mrs Swain drinking more than Mrs Clements, until Mrs Swain went to meet her husband to discuss their marriage.

Mrs Swain returned at about 5pm, telling Mrs Clements the marriage was over, and resumed drinking.

Mrs Clements said: "She went strange about 8 o'clock. She started to get really nasty."

They continued drinking until 2am and Mrs Swain was said to have been "ranting and raving", having expressed a desire to kill herself which Mrs Clements had dismissed as "the drink talking".

Mrs Clements fell asleep about 2am while Mrs Swain stayed up, at which point the inquest heard she must have found and taken the methadone.

Mr Swain said his wife's previous suicide attempt had been a "cry for help" and that she had probably meant for the same thing to happen again.

He said: "She probably thought it would help her sleep and if she woke up in hospital again I would be there."

Michael Bird, assistant deputy coroner at Derby Coroners Court, said: "I am satisfied there was no intention to take her own life."

A verdict of accidental death was ruled.