Lorries’ illegal parking danger

Lorry parking problems on Hallam Fields Road
Lorry parking problems on Hallam Fields Road

RESIDENTS on an Ilkeston street have had enough of nuisance lorries parking in front of their homes despite clearly marked double yellow lines.

Every morning since she moved to Hallam Fields Road two years ago, Sandra Kimbley has had to put up with lorries parking for up to an hour at a time just below her flat’s front window.

She has contacted both Erewash Borough and Derbyshire County Councils as well as the police about the ‘dangerous’ problem, which often involves the lorries parking fully on the pavement – but nothing has been done.

“Aside from the noise and the fumes, it’s dangerous,” she said.

“I’ve seen an old lady in a wheelchair have to go round the truck in the road.”

She added: “Sometimes, when it’s cold, the drivers will leave their engine running.

“The noise and the smell is terrible, especially for the old people who live on the ground floor.

“All they’ve got to look out at is a great big lorry.”

She said police have given out tickets to drivers but the problem is still ongoing.

“The police are aware of it but they can’t be there all the time,” she added.

“And I don’t want to have to ring them all the time when they should be out after bigger criminals.”

Sandra said that Cllr Michelle Booth, who represents the area on the county council, has been investigating the issue on Sandra’s behalf.

But A spokesman from Derbyshire County Council said the problem lies within the remit of Erewash Borough Council

No one was available to speak from Erewash Borough Council.

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