Lorry fears as mine battle rumbles on

Anna Soubry MP talks to the angry residents of Peatfield Court
Anna Soubry MP talks to the angry residents of Peatfield Court

An MP has renewed calls for the Shortwood Farm mine plan to be shelved after suggesting the site would cause around tens of thousands of lorry trips in just five years.

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry made the claim after a meeting with Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to discuss the future of the project at Trowell.

Conservative Ms Soubry said: “I showed Eric the planned route of 112 HGV lorry journeys each day for almost five years, to take enough coal to burn for a mere 16 weeks.”

“The route up to Nuthall roundabout is already hugely over congested and it is difficult to see how the roads can cope with this 112 HGV trips a day.”

Nottinghamshire County Council gave permission for the site to mined in December, however Mr Pickles has since halted the process and is considering whether to “call-in” the application. This would mean that the minister could decide on the plans himself and overrule the approval which was given by the county council. Ms Soubry said of the meeting with Mr Pickles: “I made it clear that local residents and I were totally opposed to the plans.

“I explained local people in particular believe their concerns were ignored and the entire application has not been properly scrutinised.

Mr Pickles is expected to decide whether to call in the council’s decision by the end of February.

A decision to review the council’s verdict may lead to a public enquiry which, it is feared, could take most of the year.