Loss of town-centre McDonald’s is a ‘massive blow’, declares trader

Ilkeston McDonald's, which is  to close.
Ilkeston McDonald's, which is to close.

News that Ilkeston’s town-centre McDonald’s is to close down has been dubbed a ‘massive blow’ by a well-known shopkeeper.

David Vipond, owner of Dyl and Co which is opposite the fast food giant, told the Advertiser he was now considering his position in the town.

He explained: “This is terrible news for Bath Street and Ilkeston town centre.

“And I think it will mean I have to look at my future running a business in the town.

“It will mean people not coming into town and that is only bad news for us traders.

“The place is always busy and is a big draw for people of all ages.

“People come into town especially for it and then end up looking around elsewhere.”

A new, purpose-built McDonald’s will open opposite Tesco later this month.

But Mr Vipond said: “I’m amazed they’re going, they might be opening a new one down town but I’ve never been to a McDonald’s that isn’t busy.”

McDonald’s, which occupies a massive two-storey space on the corner of the Albion Shopping Centre, has been in the town centre for 28 years. It announced last week that it would serve up its last burgers and fries on Saturday May 10.

Mr Vipond said this is the latest hammer blow for our already struggling town.

He said: “Coupled with the introduction of 30-minute parking bays this spells the end for the town centre.

“People park up, dash in to the bank or to pick up their prescription, and then head straight off.

“Half an hour isn’t long enough for them to stay and shop. In the past when they paid for an hour they would stay and make sure they used it. The council needs to make parking free for at least an hour.

“Thirty minutes isn’t even time to eat a Big Mac. When you think of it like that it’s no wonder they’re going.”