Love letters led to 50 years of wedded bliss

Awsworth golden wedding. Margaret and Bryan Maloney.
Awsworth golden wedding. Margaret and Bryan Maloney.

A marriage proposal before they had even met led to 50 years of happiness for Awsworth lovebirds Bryan and Margaret Maloney.

The couple, of Abbott Street, celebrate their golden wedding anniversary this week and put the secret to a long and happy marriage down to the odd argument!

Bryan, 72, who is an author, was serving with the Royal Navy when he started writing to Margaret, 71. He said: “I asked her to marry me before we even met. I came back from the Far East for a month on leave and asked her to marry me again. I arrived a day early and she had curlers in her hair.

“We had been writing to each other for a year before I came up here from Gosport.”

Shortly after Bryan’s proposal in 1961 he went to serve on HMS Bulwalk. The couple married on August 17 1963. Shortly afterwards Bryan served in the Far East for 18 months.

The couple have three children, Julie, Andrew and Mark, and four grandchildren, Amy, Jack, Ryan and Lauren.

Bryan was in the Navy for ten years and went on to work at Beauvale Furnishing for 33 years. Margaret worked at Rutland Garments as a cutter.

Both are active in the Awsworth community.